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Investigation of the awareness on hand rejuvenation methods

| Ayşe Gül Kabakci | | Memduha Gülhal Bozkır |

Year: 2023 | Vol: 2 | No: 2 | PP 9-16

Our hands are one of the most aesthetically important organs that we come into contact with people. It is also an organ that we use a lot in our daily work and is frequently exposed to environmental factors. Therefore, it is possible to see the effects of aging rapidly. Our hands also give information about the age of people. Recently, many dermocosmetic methods have emerged about neglected hand care. Therefore, hand rejuvenation will become increasingly popular. In this study, we evaluated the level of knowledge about hand rejuvenation in 28 women who applied to the medical aesthetic clinic and underwent hand rejuvenation. With this study, we aimed to protect the integrity of hand anatomy by emphasizing neglected hand care.

Anatomy; Dermocosmetic; Hand; Rejuvenation
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